Michigan's Davastating Storm

What's Happening?

Storm system that started in Wyoming, slowly moves its way closer to Michigan. As the storm slowly moves it gets increasingly powerful. Tornado warnings have already been established in the southernmost part of Wyoming as tornado watches are now being established in the western part of Michigan. People in Wyoming have already prepared for the storm as they will get heavy downpours, large hail, and wind gusts estimated at 30-45 mph. The storm is supposed to dissolve early Saturday morning. The governor of Michigan has stated: This storm is a big one and will be devastating for Michigan. The best thing we can all do is prepare and hope for the best. Help others if you can, we all need to stay together as one giant family so surpass this obstacle. Be safe and cautious during the storm.

Where Is It Happening?

The storm system has started in Wyoming and has moved closer to the great lakes. The storm is expected to get stronger as it passes over the lakes and will shift its way into Michigan, hitting Michigan's western most part. The storm is expected to pass through Michigan and dissolve in Ohio.

What Has Already Happened?

Wyoming has already had mass flooding submerging many houses. So far no deaths have been reported but southern Wyoming residents are expected to be without power for close to 8 hours. Michigan is getting minimal rainfall on its lower most western side and the storm is expected to hit at at 3:30 EST. Flooding will occur with the estimated 30 inches of rain in the next 3 hours for low western Michigan.

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